Credit and You: The Truth You Need To Know

You might already know this, but we have to say it again! CREDIT SCORES AFFECT YOUR LIFE.


Baltimore Credit Repair Explains: How Bad Credit Affect You?

A credit score can cause you to pay more for a mortgage, more for a car, more in interest, more for insurance, and in some cases keep you from renting a home, or even buying a home.

There is no denying that credit can hurt you in the long run. That is why credit repair Baltimore offers superb credit and debt counseling services to all clients. It all starts with a free call consultation.

Credit reporting agencies do not always check what is being reported, they simply take into account what is told to them and list it. You could have been a victim of identity theft, or a victim of inflated rate practices that are all to common when debts are transferred to various agencies. We want to help you understand how it started, fix the problem and get it moving in the right direction. Contacting us is easy, and we are always standing by waiting for the next client who is seeking a credit repair to come throguh. Plus, most of our past clients have loved the software systems we use to ensure that the  credit report works perfectly.


Credit Scores Can Be Flawed And Give You Bad Credit Reports

Credit Scores on your report have elements better known as factors. Reporting agencies use these factors to  create a number. Typically, they take your total debt, your accounts, the age of the accounts, the number of late payments and from there they calculate our score.

You do need to know however that about 96.1% of all credit reports have reported inaccurate information on them. The hard part for you is to disseminate what is inaccurate and what is not from that heap.

Another fact that you most likely did not know is that only 15% of your score on ANY report is based on your history. Credit scores are also determined by how many people took a look at your credit history.


Credit Repair Can Happen

These factors alone make the entire process both involved and for many, daunting. The fact of the matter is that you have to have the ability to repair your credit, the money and the time. If you do it on your own, it can be a harrowing experience. We have had many clients come to us, without any knowledge of how the system works and they were tired by they time they came here.

We want to make the process easy, and as you may already know credit is your financial resume in this day and age. Having a lump of bad credit on your account will only make you less and less desirable to both an employer and a possible mortgage company. Contact Sky Credit Repair today to see how to resolve this.