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Credit Links

The links below are intended to help you understand your rights as a consumer and to give you a better idea of what you are up against with your credit scores. We have provided these so that you can look for yourself-because being an educated consumer is one of our top priority.

This site allows you to see your scores as required under federal law. You ma have on free report at a time.  They use information gathered by Experian, Equinox and TransUnion to get you the information you need. Remember you are only entitled to one free report per year.

Check Out!

This site allows you to see your FICO score because you might want to. It’s different then your credit score and is the most common of the two. The number is assigned between 350 and 85. This score is not free however and must be purchased.

 Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act oversee’s credit reporting. This act was created to protect consumers and to require certain mandates from credit reporting agencies. For instance, if a potential employer decides not to hire you based on your credit score, they are required by Federal Law to tell you that.

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